Brand Conception
Speed + Agility + Strength + Solidity
Speed, Strength, Agility and Solidity - Concepts that were the base for the ìAgileî brand reflecting what the company applies in their products and services. The brand brings the solidity and speed that the company uses while performing their activities and also the strength and agility needed for innovating and achieving success.

Speed/Agility - curves, the angular design, the smooth movements; transmits confidence and represents the company's agility.

Strength/Solidity - typography without serif, right angles, edges, Cartesian form, represents the seriousness/responsibility for commitments, strength for innovating and clarity for executing their services and develop their products.
Brand Signature
The "slogan" was created to represent the new future of the company. Representing what we want to the future and how we can do that.
Sub-brands Presentation
We introduce the sub-brands that represents the flexibility that enables customizing solutions with the processes consulting and developments of composites and others customized/innovating solutions.
Fast + Flexible
Fast and Flexible - the icon used in the sub-brands, represents the speed and the flexibility of our services and customised products. "Fast and Flexible!"
Business Card and Folder
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