Brand Conception / Concepção da Marca
This is a brand created to blog for a 'girl' who lives 'Happy in the World'. A girl who travels a lot, sometimes to work, and who always find incredible places. She loves dive in the all oceans and tries eating all kind of food, from the simplest to the most exotic. The brand was created to the most wonderful 'character' that she is.

Esta é uma marca criada para um blog de uma pessoa que vive 'Feliz pelo Mundo'. Uma garota que viaja, as vezes a trabalho, e que consegue encontrar lugares incríveis pelo mundo todo. Uma garota que ama mergulhar por todos os oceanos e experimentar todas as comidas, das mais simples as mais exóticas. A marca remete a 'persona' maravilhosa que ela é.
Character / Personagem
Was created a character to represent the real person that write your travels on website. A 'comic' character that travel for all the world and always hugs everyone and smile to everyone. A happy girl that discovery all wonderfull things of the world.
Character goes to the Moon
Character like 'Amelia Earhart', but in your first travel in a balloon at Cappadocia.
Character after travel in a balloon, she dives at San Andres.
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